Braiding Hairstyles For Children | Different Braid Types

Breanna Rutter


Trina has a daughter who loves wearing her hair in braids but she is short on braid ideas and options.


Braid Tip #1 Box Braids are also referred to as Single Braids. Individual Braids or Plaits


These braids are PERFECT great options for protective styling especially for braiding hairstyles for short hair. There are so many different braid types that you can explore such as these and below are a list of these different braids tutorial DVDs.


Box Braids DVD


Braid Tip #2 Micro Braids are also referred to as Zillion Braids


These are very tiny and cute braids for long hair styling options with your daughter's hair. Micro braids can be styled in a cute braided updo, hair buns or with a variety of ponytail hairstyles. Check out this braiding DVD if you would like to learn how to do if this different braid technique is appropriate for your child.


Micro Braids DVD


Braid Tip #3 Cornrow Braids , Ghana Braids "Feed In Cornrows" & Goddess Braids


These are some different braids hairstyles that require for the braid s to be fashioned against your scalp and no matter the state of your hair, these braids can be done on curly hair, layered hair, short hair, medium hair, long hair and so on and so forth. As long as your hair is healthy before installation, it can remain healthy as long as you maintain your hair,


Cornrow Braids DVD
Goddess Braids DVD
Ghana Braids DVD

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