I HATE MY 4C HAIR! Screw this I'm going RELAXED!

Breanna Rutter



Yazmine hates her thick 4c hair so much because it is hard to grow, and is not flowy like looser curl patterns so should she relax my hair or just deal with it.


Hair Tip #1 Natural Hair or Relaxed Hair is a decision You Should Make for Yourself

Natural hair and relaxed hair is a decision that you have to make all on your own because you are ultimately responsible for the health and care of your hair. Your hair should reflect what your taste is also what you would like to see and maintain.


Hair Tip #2 Do You Hate Your Hair Because of How You Feel or How Others Treat You

Sometimes many individuals who are natural feel attacked or rejected by many who do not like the look of natural hair. There are so many different reasons why someone doesn’t like natural hair and that’s how they feel about it but what’s more important, is how you feel about your hair.


Hair Tip #3 Once you Learn How To Care for your Hair, It Becomes Easier to Maintain

This is true for both relaxed hair and natural hair because they each have their pluses and minuses. Both types of hair can have breakage, both can have splitting ends as well as length retention. Whatever you feel is best for you, is best for you.



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