How To Keep Hair Dry In Shower | Braid Extensions

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Ana can’t keep her braids dry when showering so her hair gets wet even with wearing a shower cap so are there any other options.


Hair Tip #1 Try Wearing a Plastic Shopping Bag

Yes! Use a plastic shopping bag to protect your hair from the water of the shower when showering or bathing, Using a plastic shopping bag gives you the control you need to tie the handles tight enough to prevent moisture from enetering the bag. Using a standard shower cap is not adjustable for tightness but it can work for you depending on whether or not you have long braid or if your braids take up a lot of space.
Shower Caps


Hair Tip #2 Wash Your Face Outside Of The Shower

Wash everything except for your face to ensure that you are not wetting your edges or hair excessively. Use your standard body soap of facial cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your face and if you wear makeup, using makeup remover wipes are excellent to prevent residue from being left behind on you face. Failing to remove all makeup from your face will often lead to acne.
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Top Rated Makeup Remover Wipes

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