Hair Product for Combination Hair | 4C, 4B, 3C, 3B Daughter's Natural Hair Care

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DeAna wants to know what are some hair products will work for both of her daughters hair because she is tired of spending money.


Hair Tip #1 Identify The Porosity of the Hair, The Same Hair Products May Work


Have you ever used the same products your “curl twin” used and they surprisingly didn’t work well for your hair? This has less to do with your actual curl pattern and more with the porosity of your hair. Understanding your hair porosity (as explained in my hair care book) has a lot to do with the LOIS Hair Typing System. This system explains the category your hair fits into based on how well it resembles L-O-I-S and also it explains porosity as well. For more information on hair typing, refer to my book to learn more or generally search my hair care website for the information that you need!


The Natural Hair Bible


Hair Tip #2 Create Your Own Homemade Hair Care Products with my Hair Care Book


Creating your hair care products allows you to control EXACTLY what you are putting on your hair as well as the potency of each ingredient. Customizing your products gives you your best hair when coupled with the information you know about hair porosity and what products work best for you. Below is an example from my book, The Natural Hair Bible, of natural hair care product recipes that you can try out on your hair!


Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Recipe


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