How Fast Does African American Hair Grow

Breanna Rutter



Trish wants to know how fast she can grow her hair. Her dream is shoulder length hair when straightened so what can she do to make her hair grow fast.


Hair Tip #1 Hair On Average Grows ½ inch Monthly


This is a natural growth of hair from your scalp but it can grow slower or faster depending on your diet and lifestyle.  A diet high in B Vitamins and Omega Fats allow you to reach your highest level of hair growth. For more information on eating for growth, check out my hair care website!


Hair Tip #2 Use Essential Oils For Hair Growth: Rosemary Sage & Lavender


Sage Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil


Hair Tip #3 Growth Starts from the Inside Out: Good Diet, Exercise, Vitamins


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