Bald Patch In The Middle of my Head! Hairstyles for Balding Hair Patch

Breanna Rutter


Keyci loves my hairstyling tutorials and she has a hair concern because she has to hide a middle bald patch of her hair plaits and she needs help growing her hair back


Hair Tip #1 Through My Tutorials, I always Promote Comfortable INSTALLS

Bald spots are usually the cause of tight and uncomfortable installs. If you feel a pull or tightness from your braids, you have to alleviate the tension of breakage will occur which sets back the health of your hair. My most common hair care tips are to make sure that your hairstyles are comfortable which means that you hairstyle doesn’t feel tight and also, your extensions don’t feel heavy. Learn for yourself how to do comfortable installs through variety of hairstyling dvds that apply best to you.


Box Braids DVD
Patra Braids DVD
Micro Braids DVD
Ghana Braids DVD
Partial Sew In (Traditional Sew In) DVD
Cornrow Braids With & Without Weave DVD


Hair Tip #2 Use Less Braiding Hair, Heavy Braids Can Lead to Thinning and Balding

If your braids are heavy but not actually installed tightly, this will still lead to breakage so you have to be very careful how your scalp feels throughout the process. There are different brands of braiding hair but the braiding hair that fits best for almost every hairstyle and the best hair that also feels the lightest is a certain type of synthetic braiding hair that I suggest and it’s called kanekalon braiding hair.


Kanekalon Braiding Hair (great for Individual Braids and for securing your sew in braid pattern)


Hair Tip #3 Jamaican Black Castor Oil Has Helped Many Women Grow Back Balding Spots

A lot of women SWEAR to the powerful effects that Jamaican Black Castor Oil offers for your hair and scalp. This oil has led many women and men to recover from balding, thinning and hair breakage. A little bit goes a long way so use an applicator bottle to apply this oil to your scalp for a controlled application!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil
100% Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
100% Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
100% Virgin Cold Pressed Avocado Oil


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