Wet Strand Test for Hair Porosity? | Low Porosity Hair, Normal Porosity Hair, High Porosity Hair

Breanna Rutter


Tiffany has relaxed hair, did the wet strand test but is still confused and she hardly uses heat for styling.


Hair Tip #1 High Porosity Hair Easily Swells When Wet and Tends to Soaks Up Hair Products


High porosity hair easily swells with moisture (water) and this adds weight to the strand which supposedly is supposed to cause your strand of hair to sink to the bottom of the cup when doing the porosity test with a cup of water. The truth about porosity is that all of your hair does not have the same level of porosity because your environment and your hair styling habits will change your porosity.

High porosity hair is prominent when washing product free hair with water quickly feels thoroughly wet.



Hair Tip #2 Low Porosity Hair Takes Time to Swell with Water and Product Tends to Sit on Top of Hair


Low porosity hair slowly swells with moisture (water) and this leads to such a slow absorption that the strand supposedly continues to float at the surface of the cup of water when doing the porosity test. Low porosity hair is prominent when washing product free hair with water takes a long time to feel thoroughly wet.



Hair Tip #3 Heat Opens Up Your Cuticle Giving You a False Sense of High Porosity Hair


Heat damaged hair or hair that is constantly exposed to heat styling tools or from the sun will take on the characteristic of high porosity hair even if your hair is not naturally of a high porosity. This is good and bad depending on your degree of porosity. Medium porosity is usually the preferred choice of porosity because high porosity hair tends to be constantly dry while low porosity hair tends have hair products sit on top of the hair rather than absorb into the hair.


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