What Does Damaged Hair Look Like? | Hair Damage Chart Split Ends, Single Strand Knots, Fairy Knots, Incomplete Splits

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Abby wants to know if she has hair damage or not. Her ends look split and the ends of her hair are knotted and rough even with she is straightening her hair.


Hair Tip #1 Identify What Damaged Hair Looks Like Off Shoot, Right Angle, Taper


Damaged hair is not dry hair but rather damaged hair is broken and or splitting hair. If the ends of your hair are constantly dry or and frizzy no matter how well your take care of or keep your hair moisturized. Take a closer look at the ends of your hair and pay attention to whether or not your hair is thinning as it nears the ends (disregard this if you have layers) and if your ends are broken or splitting. For your best trim, seek a professional hairstylist out for your trim or teach yourself how to trim your own hair if this is better for you. Refer to my hair care website to learns step by step how to cut your hair to trim your split ends.


Hair Tip #2 Deep Condition Your Hair with Humectants


Deep conditioning with humectants repairs the dryness that your hair is experiencing so that you can clearly see after deep conditioning, where your hair needs further assistance at whether or not you need protein or trimming. Doing a deep conditioning treatment and a protein treatment is NECESSARY before trimming your hair because this will repair what is repairable and leave behind what needs to be trimmed. Only use shears that are used to cut  your hair for your hair only. If your shears have been used for other purposes, this will dull them and give you a rugged cut (usually not seen with the naked eye) and cause more damage near the ends.


Hair Tip #3 Protein Condition Your Hair With Greek Yogurt or Hydrolyzed Protein


For your best protein treatment, you have to identify whether you need a mild or intense protein treatment to avoid protein build up on you hair shaft. It is difficult getting rid of protein build up because it is attached to holes in the suface of your hair shaft as well as lodged internally within your hair. Read The Black Hair Manual for more information on choosing your best hair care products especially when it comes to protein treating your hair.


The Black Hair Manual: A Pocket Guide For Choosing Your Best Hair Products



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