How To Loosen Tight Curls | Natural Hair Texture Change!

Breanna Rutter


Monisa does like her natural hair but because of how bad her shrinkage is, she wants to have elongated curls without having to damage her hair.


Hair Tip #1 Roller Setting or Doing Natural Hair Styles for a Non-Permanent Option


If you want to loosen tight curls naturally, doing a roller set on natural hair is one of the best and safest ways to do so! If you don't mind using heat on your hair, curling wand curls on natural hair will elongate the look of your hair but of course, you have to take the necessary steps to stretch your natural hair for your best wand results. Using curlformers on natural hair is also a great way to change your curly hair to wavy hair as well for a non-permanent change to your curl pattern.

Flexi Rods
Perm Rods
Curling Wand


Hair Tip #2 Getting a Texturizer Professionally Done for a Permanent Option


You can soften the texture or curl pattern of your natural hair with a texturizer if you want to permanently alleviate your natural hair shrinkage but once you do this, your hair will not return to its original shrinkage or curl pattern!



5 Star Rated Chemical Texturizers

Linange Shea Butter Texturizer
Just For Me Texture Softener
Luster Regular Short Looks Kit



Hair Tip #3 Longer Hair Will Make Your Shrinkage Appear Less Dramatic


With a healthy hair care regimen, you will begin to notice that your natural curls on longer hair will have more hang time and less shrinkage. Understanding hair types for natural hair will gauge you on what you hair will look like and behave with your different stages of growth. Your curls will stay but you will notice that with longer hair, it may look as if your texture or curl pattern loosened when this is just the pull of gravity on your hair.


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