Bald Spots In Black Hair

Breanna Rutter


Raquel asked why am I losing my hair and wants to know how to stop her hair from falling out because she can't successfully wear hairstyles considering that she has huge bald spots all over her head. She's not sure if it's because of her products or hairstyles she wears.


#1 Pinpoint your hair loss to the first time you started to notice.


Even though the main concern is about how to cover bald spots, you have to first assess the situation to figure out whether hair damage from w eave was the culprit or that there are other reasons why this has happened. Make sure that the condition of your health is in order because poor health can easily cause hair loss.



#2 Educate yourself on how to shop for quality hair products.


These products do not have to labeled as a balding hair treatment or a hair damage solution but they should contain ingredients of the highest quality so that you are able so successfully regrow your hair to stop any furthering of hair loss.

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#3 Weaves don't cause hair damage, unhealthy hair causes hair damage.


Weaves that are done too tight and extensions that are too heavy in weight can uproot your hair and cause breakage with hair loss. In worst cases, this can also lead to traction alopecia and the severity of your hair loss can affect how long recovery will take or whether or not you are able to regrow your hair back. You have to keep your hair clean and moisturized underneath your installs or your hairstyles have to be worn for a short period of time.


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