DIY Hair Cream Treatment For Natural Hair Growth!

Breanna Rutter



Priscilla asks what product makes hair grow and promote hair growth.
She heard that banana, honey and egg help.


Hair Tip #1 Banana, Honey, and Egg is Great for a Mild Moisturizing Protein Treatment


Since egg is present in this deep conditioner with banana, this homemade deep conditioning treatment will serve as a moisturizing mild protein treatment. Using egg and honey for hair growth is just fine without banana because using banana for deep conditioning can get messy and cause your hair cream to look and feel lumpy. The benefits of egg for hair is that its protein molecular structure is too large to penetrate your hair so instead, these protein molecules lodge themselves within areas where you are missing cuticles to strengthen your hair. Light protein products are fine for daily use if you have fine hair as they are not needed for course hair. Additionally, this is a great natural hair treatment for damaged hair!



Hair Tip #2 To Help Hair Growth Beneath The Scalp, Essentials Oils Help; Rosemary, Cinnamon


To stimulate hair growth, using Rosemary and Cinnamon essential oils are wonderful. The benefit of rosemary for hair is that it stimulates your dermal papilla while cinnamon increased the blood flow to your scalp. Use essential oils to your discretion with the help of carrier oils to avoid an irritated scalp. A few drops of essential oils per ounce of carrier oil is best.



Carrier Oils For Hair Growth

Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Avocado Oil


Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Rosemary Essential Oil
Cinnamon Essential Oil
*Sage Essential Oil


Check out a Natural Moisturizing Recipe HERE



Hair Tip #3 To Retain Length, Trim Damaged Ends and Protective Style


You have to keep your ends trim if your goal is to achieve longer hair. It may seem like trimming your ends would slow down your length retention but in all reality, it helps you to achieve your length goals faster than not trimming your hair. If you do not trim your ends especially when hair damage is present like single strand knots, split ends and other forms of breakage, your hairs will continue to split and break of resulting in a gradual loss of length.


If you are natural or want to go natural but need step by step on how to successfully take care of your hair, check out the natural hair bible to learn everything you need to know about caring for your natural hair!


The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments of Black Hair Care


Here is some protective styling DVDs if protective styling for length retention is for you!


Box Braids DVD
Yarn Braids DVD
Patra Braids DVD
Goddess Braids DVD
Senegalese Twists DVD

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