Best Oils For Dry Hair - Benefits of Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil For Hair Care!

Breanna Rutter



Mondra is trying to find the best oils to help her dry hair because some oils are too greasy and essential oils are too expensive for so little product.


Hair Tip #1 Use Oils That Penetrate the Hair Shaft Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil


The best oil that has the ability to moisturize because it has the ability to penetrate your hair shaft is coconut oil! You can treat your hair with a coconut oil hair treatment and compare your results by taking pictures of your hair to see the coconut oil treatment before and after the process to observe whether or not a coconut treatment is what you needed to treat your dry hair. Coconut oil is a great oil for hair loss because it will significantly strengthen your hair and decrease hair breakage. Using olive oil and avocado oil for hair growth can somewhat penetrate the shaft if it is alkaline and oils are alkaline when they are cold pressed oils so make sure that you are using the best oils to recover from dry hair.


Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Avocado Oil



Hair Tip #2 Oil Does NOT Moisturize Your Hair It Seals In Moisture


The only oil that has the ability to serve as a moisturizer and a sealant is coconut oil, depending on your texture of hair, while other oils only serve as a sealant. Moisture comes from water and water based products while oil temporarily seals your hair to prevent moisture from escaping your hair. Other oils that are also great for sealants are castor oil, Shea butter and Argan oil. Test these oils out if your hair is better sealed with thicker consistency oils.


Castor Oil
Argan Oil
Shea Butter



Hair Tip #3 To Reverse Dry Hair, Apply Water More Often By Spritzing or Co Washing Your Hair


Spritzing your hair with a mixture of water and oils is a great way to enhance your hairs ability to retain moisture. Water alone will only meet your dry hair needs temporarily but once your hair dries, it will feel dry once again. Always make sure that you are applying oils or a leave in product that contains oil on damp hair to effectively moisturize and seal to prevent dryness!


Water Spritz Bottle For Moisturizing
Storage Containers For Homemade Hair Care Products


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