How To Get Very Curly Hair WITHOUT HEAT!

Breanna Rutter


Teranna has afro like hair with small coils scattered throughout her hair but she wants to enhance it so make it more curly.



Hair Tip #1 Curls fall in the Type 3 Hair Category and Coils fall in the Type 4 Hair Category


Understanding how to get your hair curly without heat goes hand in hand with trial and error by using different hair styling tools no matter your curl pattern or curl definition. You can learn how to get curly hair without heat or products through braids and also by styling your hair while wet. Instead of following a curly hair tutorial for mixed hair if you do not have mixed hair, it is best to observe from those of a similar type of curly hair to help you achieve your best results. Below are a list of tools that will give you heat less curls and waves without the need of using heat to style your hair!


Flexi Rods
Perm Rods
Sponge Foam Rollers



Hair Tip #2 You Can Enhance Your Could By Doing Comb Coils With Hair Gel for Hold


Comb coils and finger coils on natural hair is a great way to get curly hair without heat with the help of some hair care products. You must start with curly wet hair to enhance the look of your natural hairstyle with coily looking hair. You can use styling mousse, hair gel and even conditioner to give your hair the slip and hold required for achieving and maintaining this hairstyle.


Top 5 Rated Hair Gels for Black Hair

Gummy Keratin Hair Gel
Eco Styler Styling Gel Super Protein Black
Ampro Style Protein Styling Gel



Hair Tip #3 Texturizing your Hair will Elongate Your Coils but Not Make Them Wider in Width like Curls


This is a permanent way to give a new look to your curly hair, coily hair or kinky hair. A texturizer gives you're the look of natural hair while also allowing you to enjoy your curls as well. This will elongate and change the nature of your hair but it will still behave similarly to your original natural hair.


5 Star Rated Chemical Texturizers

Linange Shea Butter Texturizer
Just For Me Texture Softener
Luster Regular Short Looks Kit

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