Dreadlocks | Sister Locks VS Traditional Locs Vs Free Form Locks!

Breanna Rutter



Elsa has always wants to lock but doesn't know the difference between lock styles to know exactly what she wants.


There are many different varieties of locks based on the look of them when they are personalized to taste but there are only 3 different kinds of locks.


Traditional Locks are standard locks many individuals wear. The sizes of these locks are about the width of your index finger.


Sister Locks are very small in comparison to Traditional Locks and the size of these locks is usually smaller than your pinky finger. These can lock quicker being that the twists are smaller than traditional locks but this will also depend on the grade curl and texture of your natural hair.


Free Form Locs are freely matted clusters of hair.


Free Form Locks should not be manipulated or encouraged to lock from your own doing. These locks will clump and condense on their own without the latch hook technique or palm rolling technique. Cleaning and moisturizing these locks are just the same as Traditional Locks and Sister Locks but grooming techniques are not required. The only acceptable manipulation for Free Form Locks is just separating your clumps at the roots and smoothing stray hairs where you want them to be to keep your locks separate. If not, your hair will turn into one big lock!


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