What Is 4C Hair Type & How To Deal With Natural Hair

Breanna Rutter


Krissy has learned from my hair typing video that she has 4c hair and she needs some pros and cons to understand how to work with the characteristics of her hair.


Hair Tip #1 For Natural Hair Examine Wet and Dry Product Free Hair

This will help you to notice if your ends are tapering or thinning, if you are experience splitting ends, if your hair is thinning and also if you are losing your curl pattern. Hair care products will obscure the condition of your hair. Volumizers and silicones for example hide thinning hair and splitting ends.


Hair Tip #2 For Relaxed Hair Examine your New Growth


Examine your roots or new growth to notice if you are balding or thinning. Relaxed hair needs to be deep conditioned more frequently than natural hair since the health of this hair has been compromised.


Hair Tip #3 Use Texture and Porosity to Determine Your Hair Products More Than Curl Pattern


The three most common textures of hairis cottony, silky or thread spongy for few and you need to use your texture to determine what kinds of ingredients you need to look for in your products to work with your hair best. This is discussed in depth in my book, The Natural Hair Bible and The Black Hair Manual if you need help identifying your type of hair and also, you need help finding products that will work best for you!


The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments Of Black Hair Care

The Black Hair Manual: A Pocket Guide For Choosing Your Best Hair Products


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