Hair Types For Natural Hair

Breanna Rutter


Kanice knows about hair typing but she doesn't fit one hair type or hair texture so what should she do when caring for her hair.


Hair Tip #1 The Natural Hair Bible Book


The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments Of Black Hair Care

Commandment 1 Hair Texture and Curl Pattern LOIS & Andre Walker Hair Typing System Commandment 5 Curl Pattern LOIS Hair Typing System


Hair Tip #2 Use The LOIS System to Help You With Product Selection


This hair typing system is the oldest system that focuses on the feel and texture of your hair so this is the best way to determine which oils are best for your hair to avoid greasy or heavy products.

Best Oils For Black Hair
Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Safflower Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil


Hair Tip #3 Use Your Curl Pattern To Be Referenced By Others With Similar Hair


Curl pattern is best determined by the Andre Walker Hair Typing System and you can use this system to identify your hair with others. This is great for hair product recommendations if you can tell that a specific product works for someone who shares the same characteristics as you! The product and hair care recommendations from using this system can get a little bit tricky at times because is it difficult to tell the texture of someone else's hair unless you can feel and observe how well specific products penetrate their hair.


Refer to my book, The Black Hair Manual, if you want me to guide you according to your type of hair, what hair products are best for you!


The Black Hair Manual: A Pocket Guide For Choosing Your Best Hair Products


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