How To Treat Shedding Hair & How To Fix Split Ends

Breanna Rutter


Winnie hair has been getting shorter overtime and she thinks she might have shedding problems.
The advice given in this video will teach you how to stop split ends on natural hair and relaxed hair.


Hair Tip #1 Shedding Is Normal Breakage Is Not

Every day we lose about 80 to 100 strands of hair a day and this is natural. If your hair is getting shorter overtime, you are suffering from breakage and a trim is required to stop your hairs from splitting and breaking any further.



Hair Tip #2 Split Ends Cause Your Hair To Get Shorter Overtime

Hair that is breaking will break at the ends and hair that sheds leaves the roots. Shed hairs look longer that hair that is breaking which looks like short stubble pieces. You have to trim off your split ends to prevent anymore hair breakage. Always use quality hair cutting shears that are used only on your hair, to trim your ends when necessary


Hair Cutting Shears



Hair Tip #3 Petroleum and Silicone Based Products Will Weigh Down Your Hair and Cause Breakage

Throw out these bad hair care products because it will cause breakage on your hair and deteriorate the health of it. Silicones are ONLY best under high heat situations! Refer to my book, The Black Hair Manual if you need help finding your best hair care products!


The Black Hair Manual: A Pocket Guide For Choosing Your Best Hair Products



Hair Tip #4 Limit Styling Frequency To Avoid Breakage

Doing a twist out on natural hair every day is not always best for everyone especially if you have thin or fine hair so be sure to wear hairstyles that can endure until your next wash day to avoid over manipulating your hair! Over manipulation caused chronic dryness and breakage and this is a sure way to lose length at a constant basis overtime if you are choosing to constantly style and restyle your hair. Refer to my DVDs if you would like to experiment with a variety of different hair styling options.
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