How To Keep Your Hair Healthy For Black Women

Breanna Rutter


Tapreena wants to know exactly how to get african american hair because everyone is always saying this or that and at this point of frustration with damaged hair, maybe being bald won't be so complicated!


Hair Tip #1 Condition Your Hair Frequently

Use quality hair care products that are focused on conditioning when taking care of your hair. If you need help finding your best hair care products, refer to my book The Black Hair Manual!


The Black Hair Manual: A Pocket Guide For Choosing Your Best Hair Products


Hair Tip #2 Trim Damaged Ends When Needed

Damaged ends will cause you to lose more and more length overtime and it will seem as though your hair isn't growing because you aren't able to retain length. Only trim the ends of your hair with hair cutting shears or consult with a professional in your area who can offer this service to you.


Hair Cutting Shears


Hair Tip #3 Go Heat Free Until Your Hair Is Healthy

Do not use heat at all if you want your most healthy hair but you can use heat if it is used infrequently. If you need help developing a regimen on caring for your hair, refer to my book The Natural Hair Bible


The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments Of Black Hair Care


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