Relaxed Hair To Natural Hair Transition!

Breanna Rutter



Carol regrets relaxing her hair now and she wants to know how to get her beautiful curls back again.


Hair Tip #1 Cut Off Your Relaxed Hair Either Drastically Big Chop or Over Time Transitioning

Big Chopping or Transitioning with your hair is not an easy process especially if you are attached to the idea of straight hair or long hair but the process towards natural hair once again is up to your preferred way of getting your curly hair back. If you would like more step by step help on going natural with your hair, refer to my book The Natural Hair Bible for all the information you will need for your journey!

The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments Of Black Hair Care


Hair Tip #2 Transition From Relaxed To Natural Hair By Blending The Two Different Types Of Hair

This is crucial if you want to avoid breakage and damaged hair because the #1 tool of choice many run to when transitioning is the flat iron or the hot comb when these tools should never touch your hair as you while you are transitioning! Many have used heat successfully when transitioning but I will not suggest it for everyone because using heat easily becomes a crutch for consistently blending your natural hair with your relaxed hair.

Perm Rods 
Flexi Rods


Hair Tip #3 Learn How To Achieve Straighter Styles With Extensions

This will take that frustrating edge off wanting to relax your hair again. Instead mimic straight hairstyles with a variety of looks that do not require you to use heat to blend your hair with your hairstyle. You can teach yourself how to do your own hair or visit a licenses stylist in your area that can offer these services professionally to you.

Partial Sew In DVD 
Invisible Part Sew In DVD
Full Net Weave Sew In DVD


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