Oil Rinsing Natural Hair Will Moisturize Low Porosity Hair!

Breanna Rutter


Floretta has never heard of oil rinsing and want to know what it is and in what ways it will help her low porosity 4c hair.


Hair Tip #1 Oil Rinsing Is Similar To The LOC Method


The LOC Method is a product layering technique that allows for your hair to stay moisturized for an extended period of time. The breakdown of the LOC Method consists of three elements that must be layered in this order; Liquid aswater or leave in moisturizer, Oil and Cream thick consistency moisturizer.

Learn more about the LOC Method and how to perform it HERE


Hair Tip #2 Shampoo Your Hair To Prevent Product Buildup and for Oil Penetration

If you use curl friendly like paraben, sulfate and petroleum free products, you will need to use a sulfate- free shampoo to wash your hair in preparation of oil rinsing. If your products have water soluble silicones like PEG 8or higher you can still use a sulfate-free shampoo. Use a sulfate shampoo to wash your hair if you use products with ingredients like petroleum and silicones in them for example.


5 Star Rated Curl Friendly Sulfate-Free Shampoos
Curls It's a Curl Peek-A-Boo Tearless Shampoo
African American Shampoo for Natural Hair
Tru Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo


5 Star Rated Deep Cleansing Sulfate Shampoos
Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Hair Clarifying Shampoo
Paul Brown Hawaii Clarifying Shampoo


Hair Tip #3 Allow Your Oils To Sit On Your Hair For At Least 10 Minutes

Use thin oils like almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil. Use jojoba oil in an applicator bottle to distribute oil all over hair. You can mix your favorite oils or desired oils to achieve a certain consistency and slip.
Saturate your clean hair with water first before applying your hair oil.

Applicator Bottles

Best Oils For Oil Rinsing
Virgin Cold Pressed Almond Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil


Hair Tip #4 Coat Hair With Conditioner and Rinse For Soft Moisturized Hair

Rinse out oil with the help of water and conditioner but first rinse out as much oils as possible to avoid greasy or oily hair after it dries. The conditioning step is great for treating course, dry or hard or/and damaged hair. Applying conditioner on top of oil and rinse out causes extremely soft hair.


5 Star Rated Rinse Conditioners
Macadamia Natural Oil Moisturizing Rinse
California Baby Hair Conditioner
Vinegar Rinse Cleanser 8 fl. oz.


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