Will My Hair Loc If I Leave My Box Braids In For A Long Time?

Breanna Rutter


Candi needs to wear her braids for as long as possible. She is afraid that her hair will begin to loc or become matted so how long is too long?


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Hair Care Tip #1 No Longer than 2 Months at a Time!


Wearing a Box Braids or Single Braids Extensions for an extended period of time can serve as a protective hairstyle for your hair but if you leave your weave or extensions in for longer than 2 to 3 months, its possible to have tangled hair or worst, matted hair.


Hair Care Tip #2 For some, Locs usually begin to show signs of loc’ing around 2 to 3 months.


Forming locs takes more manipulation than the manipulation placed on installed box braids. Palm rolling condenses your hair to further form your loc and with this consistency in a span of about 2 to 3 months, many people notice that their locs are locd or the are beginning to loc.


Hair Care Tip #3 Mark your calendar for weekly hair care maintenance.


How often do you perform your hair regimen? Do you shampoo wash your hair weekly or bi-weekly? Do you “co-wash” (conditioner wash your hair) weekly or bi-weekly? Incorporate the same practices when taking care of your box braid extensions to prevent dry hair and dandruff problems. In some cases as well, if you constantly have a moist scalp because you work out, sweat often, or swim without thoroughly drying your hair, its possible that your hair will smell like mildew or mold.


Dilute all of your hair care products in applicator bottles for easy product distribution and effective rinsing of those products.

Applicator Bottle Used for Product Distribution


Great Natural Oils preferred for Sew In Installs

Argan Oil

Coconut Oil

Jojoba Oil (closely mimics your natural oil production)

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