Why Is Natural Hair Better Than Relaxed Hair?

Breanna Rutter


Porsha wanted to know in all ways, how is natural hair better than relaxed hair because they both require regimens and certain practices for achieving  healthy hair so how much more beneficial is natural hair.


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Hair Care Tip #1 According to the FDA, relaxers are among one of the top products to receive


the highest volume of consumer complaints.

For most who chemically relax their hair, there are never any problems with relaxing their hair. Its hard to ignore the fact that relaxer treatments are causing a lot of problems for customers who choose to treat their hair with this product. In this specific case, this is a great advantage that natural hair has over relaxed hair.


Hair Care Tip #2 The better choice of hair is your preference.


You can achieve great results with you hair whether it is natural or relaxed.

Your hair has to fit your lifestyle and choices! Some women have always been natural their entire life and decided that relaxed hair was the better choice for them and also, the same for some women who have had relaxed hair all of their life who finally decided that natural hair was actually the better hair for them. Each hair has its own advantages and disadvantages so the best type of hair is the hair that suits you and your hairstyle best.

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