How To Go Natural For Beginners

Breanna Rutter


Rademe asked this question because he’s tired of having his daughter get her hair relaxed especially being that her scalp is very sensitive. She has had natural hair when she was little but he needs help on how to start over and manage her hair natural from here on out.


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Hair Care Tip #1 I HIGHLY suggest my book “The Natural Hair Bible” 


The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments of Black Hair Care will take you from start to finish with learning everything that their is to know about growing and taking care of healthy natural hair. With the knowledge learned in this book, you will be able to shop smart for hair products, know what ingredients work best for your unique hair needs, understand your hair type and texture, know how to achieve different hairstyles and much more. The love and appreciation for this book has been overwhelming and so many people have been able to incorporate all of the commandments given in this book with ease.


Hair Care Tip #2 Talk to her about her hair and explore options to help her transition.


Is your daughter daring with her hair? If it’s already part of her personality to be bold and adventurous, she probably wouldn’t mind the big chop but before proceeding, talk these things over with her. Transitioning hair may be best for her or wearing protective styles like braids or twists may be what works for her instead,


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