Shedding Natural Hair and How To Prevent Excessive Shed with Black Hair

Breanna Rutter


Georgia thinks her yarn braids are causing her to shed too much hair because when she takes them down and washes her hair, it looks like she constantly loses A LOT of her hair.


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Hair Care Tip #1 Natural shed hair is the length of your hair and breakage are shorter/stubby pieces of hair.


Examine your shed hair after removing your hair extensions. If your shed hair looks to be the length of your real hair, this is  the natural shedding process taking place. If you can notice short stubble pieces of hair, your are experiencing hair damage/ hair breakage. Follow up with the necessary precautions to prevent hair breakage further by trimming your ends or to prevent hair damage in the future by altering the instillation or products used for your install.


Hair Care Tip #2 The frequency of your detangling will vary the amount of hair you see.


The frequency of times that you are detangling your hair will vary the amount of shed hair you will see. Daily, on average, everyone sheds about 80-100 hairs a day! If you add up all of that shed hair over a time frame of weeks or even months, you will see a significant amount of shed hair and that is normal, be sure to look for obvious signs of damage as mentioned in the next tip.


Hair Care Tip #3 Bald spots and/or thinning hair can also reflect the health condition of your body.


If you notice that after taking down your Yarn Braids, Box Braids, Micro Braids, Senegalese Twists, or any other hairstyle, that your hair is balding or thinning, then you are experiencing hair damage. This could be because of the products used on your hair, the way that the hair was installed, or even the heaviness of your hair extensions.

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