My Parents Wont Let Me Have Natural Hair How To Get Their Permission?

Breanna Rutter


Jemila says that her parents won’t let her have natural hair because it does not look proper and even though she shows them different girls with natural hair, they say her hair is too thick and won’t look like that and that her hair is just fine but she wants to wear her hair naturally. She needs help convincing her parents about her hair.


Hair Care Tip #1 Its easier to convince your parents of something if you already show responsibility.

At this point, it’s safe to assume that your parents are taking care of your hair needs since you have to ask them to make changes with your hair. I can’t tell your parents how to parent and choose what's best for you but what I can say, is that it is easier to persuade your parents to your desicion of going natural with your hair if they are confident that you will be responsible for the health and care of your hair.


Hair Care Tip #2 Propose to go natural while also wearing styles that they think would be proper for you.

Feel free to watch this video with your parents and watch hair care videos with them that I have done so that they can see a variety of styles that can be achieved on natural hair.


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Hair Care Tip #3 Personally I have natural 4c hair and I can still wear whatever hairstyle I choose!

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