What Natural Hair Shrinkage Looks Like BEFORE & AFTER ON 4C HAIR!

Breanna Rutter


Hey Everybody! As of this year, many of you have been wondering about my natural hair growth!


Some of you think that I constantly cut my natural hair, my hair is growing fast or that I have unhealthy ends.


Some of you may be confused about my hair because with 4c natural hair shrinkage, I can go from longer hair to shorter hair in the same day and everything there is to know about this is detailed in this video!


Some of you have also reached out to me asking how to stop natural hair shrinkage and also if I could show hair shrinkage before and after for comparison.


In this video, you will see what 4c hair shrinkage looks like and this can be compared to 4a natural hair shrinkage and 4b natural shrinkage as well since all three of these hair types are within the same type 4 hair category.


I also wanted to make sure to give you tips on how to prevent single strand knots which can also simultaneously prevent natural hair shrinkage as well!


To show you the different stages of shrinkage, I first began with straightening my natural hair with a flat iron, next I washed my 4c hair and then I finished the last stage of my curly hair shrinkage by stretching my natural hair without heat.


To stretch your hair in the way that I did you will need to stretch your hair with braids.


This hair video is not about how to stop natural hair shrinkage per say, but about what shrinkage looks like as well as how to prevent single strand knots along the way.


Additionally, if you need assistance understanding your natural hair curl pattern and how this creates your best natural hair care regimen ,please visit my website at




Remington Flat Iron
Virgin Cold Pressed Argan Oil
Wide Tooth Comb
Small Tooth Comb
Duck Bill Clips


Thanks For Watching!

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