How To Loosen Tight Sew In Weaves & Tight Braids

Breanna Rutter


Emani gets her new sew in installed every month and since she switching to a more affordable stylist, her installs feel tighter and uncomfortable.



Hair Tip #1 Make Sure That Your Hair Is Not Being Braided Tightly


Too tight braids cause BREAKAGE! Tight braids cause a thinning hairline, thin and balding edges, and even a thinning nape. These areas are the most fragile areas of hair on your head and when you wear too tight of braids, these are usually the first areas you will begin to experience pain and hair loss. If someone else is braiding your hair for you, speak up as they are braiding so that they can loosen their grip and tension on your scalp and hair. Also there are plenty braid patterns you can alternate between (depending on your hair) such as the beehive braid pattern, the butterfly braid pattern, and the straight to the back braid pattern just to name a few.



Hair Tip #2 Cotton Weaving Thread Will Make Installs Tighter, Use Nylon Weaving Thread


Nylon Weaving Thread

Cotton weaving thread is very absorbent and it usually absorbs about 10 times its weight in moisture so as you perspire from your scalp, the cotton absorbs nearby moisture and tightens around your braids and extensions making your sew in feel tighter overtime!



Hair Tip #3 Learn How To Do Your Own Sew Ins


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