Relaxers For Black Hair & Texturizers 101

Breanna Rutter


Tishanna wanted a breakdown on the difference between texlaxing, texturizing, and a chemical relaxer.



Hair Tip #1 Relaxer is a Chemical Treatment used to achieve Permanently Straight Hair


Hair Relaxers Rated 5 Stars (BEST RATINGS)
Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer Normal
Mizani Butter Blend Sensitive Scalp Relaxer
Organic Olive Oil Conditioning Relaxer Kit

A chemical relaxer comes in two different forms a Lye Relaxer (Sodium Hydroxide Relaxer) and a No Lye Relaxer (multiple relaxer types) and they both permanently straighten your hair which means that this chemical treatment is irreversible. Under Processing a relaxer for a partially relaxed look can result in uneven results so if you want underprocessed relaxed hair, a texturizer/texlax is the better option.



Hair Tip #2 Texturizer/Texlax is a diluted Relaxer used to Slightly Relax Your Hair (Curl Pattern)


Texlax/Texturizers Rated 5 Stars (BEST RATINGS)
Just For Me Texture Softener
Luster Regular Short Looks Kit
Luster's SCurl Extra Strength Texturizer

A texlax/texturizer is a diluted version of a relaxer and it is diluted based of the kit provided or manually with a deep conditioner (popularly done) or with water (rarely done) to achieve looser hair rather than straight hair.
This is also a permanent process on the hair so when new growth is present again, you have to do a touch up to that your new growth matches the rest of your hair. Just like a relaxer, if you do not want permanently treated hair any longer, you have to cut it all off "big chop" or wait until your new growth is long enough before cutting it on "transitioning".



Hair Tip #3 These Chemical Straighteners are a Permanent Process on the Hair


There is no undoing these chemical processes! Before you make a permanent decision, make sure you are definite on your choice because this product is formulated to permanently change the structure of your hair!


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