How To Retain Length On 4C Hair | Natural Hair Growth Retention SECRETS!!!

Breanna Rutter


Unique is convinced that her daughter's 4c hair grows slower than other natural hair types so what helps get this hair long or will it always be short. How to grow long 4c hair? Here are the secrets & tips to growing long natural hair!



Hair Tip #1 4C Hair Thrives With Low Frequency Manipulation


The less often you manipulate natural 4c hair, the better the hair can thrive and grow.
The more often you have to comb and restyle the hair, the more breakage occurs.
Cornrow Braids are a great style for children when encouraging a low amount of manipulation for hair growth length retention.

Cornrow Braids With or Without Extensions DVD



Hair Tip #2 Comb or Finger Detangle Only When Cleansing the Hair


Seamless Wide Tooth Detangling Comb

Using a seamless wide tooth comb limits the amount of tangles, knots, and breakage caused by simply detangling natural hair. Using your hands to finger detangle is the better option when detangling for some and for others, it isn't as helpful!



Hair Tip #3 The Best Styles for Hair Growth Last Until the Next Wash Day


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