How To Grow Thinning Black Hair? What To Do For Thinning Natural Hair?

Breanna Rutter


Dannielle has had a thinning nape for years and she really wants to know how to get fuller thicker hair



Hair Tip #1 What Hairstyles Were You Wearing When You Noticed a Thinning Nape

Suggested Hair Styling DVD (if you still choose to wear hair extensions)

Crochet Braids DVD
Net Weave Full Sew In DVD



Hair Tip #2 Have You Ever Had a Chemical Relaxer



Chemical relaxers can cause your hair to appear thinner when in actuality, it is just thinner in appearance than your new growth. If your relaxer is being done inappropriately such as over processing your hair or even overlapping your product on already relaxed hair, this WILL CAUSE THINNING HAIR!



Hair Tip #3 How Is Your Diet and Health


If you have noticed your hair significantly thinning over the years, maybe your hair extensions aren't the blame! Consult with your Primary Doctor about your thinning hair because its possible that you are battling an underlying issue that has begun to show in the physical through the health of your hair.


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