Best Moisturizers For Moisturizing & Sealing Natural Hair

Breanna Rutter


Shirleey wants a good moisturizer that will work good for her kinky thick hair but the problem is since her hair is very fine, it gets weighed down very easy.



Hair Tip #1 Your Moisturizer Should Contain Shaft Penetrating Oils


Shaft Penetrating Oils (to name a few)
Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Almond Oil
Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil

Oils that penetrate the hair shaft are better on fine hair because most of this oil does a better job at absorbing into your hair and scalp instead of sitting on the outside of your hair strands which ultimately weighs down your hair.



Hair Tip #2 To Seal in Moisture Try Jojoba Oil


Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Jojoba Oil
100% Virgin Jojoba Oil

Virgin oils are simply oils that have not been mixed with other oils so a virgin oil means that the product or ingredient is truly 100% of that oil in quality as stated. Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Oils are oils that are 100% of the stated oil and since it is organic, it is free of pesticides and other growth aids used on most foods and also because it is cold pressed, it has not been heated to extract more oil so without adding heat to the extraction process, most of the nutritional value is intact making for a more penetrating nutritionally powerful hair ingredient for your hair care products!!



Hair Tip #3 Use Gels, Creams, and Hair Butters Sparingly, Lighter Products are Better


Use hair gels, hair creams and hair butters rarely as added product (even if it is only a little) has a tendency to weigh down fine hair. Fine hair behaves and feels its best when little product is used to care for your hair.

A little bit of product goes far so use hair stylers SPARINGLY!


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