Can You Explain Natural Hair Terms and Terminology? Co Wash, TWA, Big Chop, EVOO ETC

Breanna Rutter


Baronica is new to learning about natural hair and since there are so many hair terms, she wanted me to do a video explaining their definitions and meaning in regards to black hair.


Natural Hair Terms
What is a Cowash? “conditioner wash” washing your hair with conditioner alone
What is a TWA? “teeny weeny afro” a small or shrunken afro
What is a Big Chop? to cut off all of your relaxed hair while keeping your natural hair or new growth
What is EVOO? “extra virgin olive oil”
What is DC? “deep conditioning” or a “deep conditioner”
What is a Twist Out? to wear unraveled individual two strand twist as a hairstyle
What is a Braid Out? to wear unraveled individual braids as a hairstyle
What is a Bantu Knot Out? to wear unraveled china bumps as a hairstyle
What is my Hair Type? the texture of your hair (explained further in my book)
What is BSL? “bra strap length” hair
What is APL? “arm pit length” hair

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