How Long Does It Take To Grow Long Hair?

Breanna Rutter

Trish asked this question because it feels like her hair has been short FOREVER and she feels like there's something she is doing wrong but can’t figure out what it is, or could be.


Hair Tip #1 What is long hair to you? BSL, APL, CBL, MBL?


BSL: Bra Strap Length Hair

APL: Arm Pit Length Hair

CBL: Collar Bone Length Hair

MBL: Mid Back Length Hair


On average, hair grows about a ½ inch every month. Some have also noticed their hair growing at a rate of ¼ inches monthly. Growth rates differ from male to female, age, health, hair care practices, and so on. For instance, you want shoulder length hair when stretched (about 12 inches), that will take about 2 years to grow (Give or take depending on a variety of factors).


Hair Tip #2 Do you trim your hair when needed or on “schedule”? You do not have to ritualistically cut your hair, most times frequent trims aren’t needed!


The Shears I USE When Trimming My Hair


Hair Tip #3 Long hair is the byproduct of being healthy and having a healthy hair care regimen. YOU WILL SEE GROWTH IF YOU KEEP DOING THE RIGHT THINGS!

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