Is Hair Dye Damaging To Relaxed Hair or Natural Hair?

Breanna Rutter


Morgan has always wanted to dye her hair a dark blonde color but she is afraid of it damaging her hair and she wants to know how to dye her hair and still have healthy hair.


Hair Tip #1 Inherently yes, but you are not guaranteed damaged hair if you know how to take care of dyed hair whether it is relaxed or natural. The nature of hair dye is to replace the natural melanin deposit in your hair shaft with an artificial color. Because this is often a chemical treatment, you often loose natural protein and weaken the ability of your hair being able to stay moisturized.


Hair Tip #2 I HIGHLY SUGGEST NOT HAVING COLORED HAIR if you know that you are lazy when it comes to caring for your own hair. If your hairdresser is the sole person styling and caring for your hair, allow them to professionally color and take care of your hair.


Hair Tip #3 Remember the lighter the hair color (or power of your life), the more damage it can cause. It is common to experience more dry hair and more breakage than usual with colored hair and thats why it is very important to do protein and deep conditioning treatments as often as necessary.

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