The Difference Between Detangling Relaxed Hair and Natural Hair?

Breanna Rutter


Indie has went from natural hair to relaxed hair and detangling has been different for her with her new hair because its easier for it to become matted so she wanted to know of there truly are detangling differences, what should she do then , or is it all in her head.

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Hair Care Tip #1 Its easier for relaxed hair to mat when wet and for naturally curly hair to become tangled when wet.


Relaxed hair a tendency to mat when wet while natural hair tangles when wet. In most cases, this is true so try detangling relaxed hair when it is dry and natural hair when it is wet. If it is hard to detangle through dry untouched roots, wet your roots with water and a slippery agent (like oil or conditioner) to finish detangling your hair.



Hair Care Tip #2 Curly hair is best detangled wet with a slip agent. Relaxed hair is best detangled when dry.


It is better to detangle natural curly hair when wet and slippery for two reasons. Its best to detangle natural hair when wet because wet natural hair has more elasticity when wet which helps to prevent breakage when comb detangling or finger detangling natural hair. When natural hair is wet and slippery with either oils or conditioners, this provides a lubricated surface for more detangling ease. Detangle relaxed hair when dry for best detangling.





NEVER use a fine tooth comb or combs with teeth close together for that matter, to detangle your hair. No matter how thin, thick, curly, straight, course, or fine your hair is, wide tooth detangling combs work best for natural hair and relaxed hair alike!


Wide Tooth Detangling Comb

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