My Hair Is Very Frizzy But Healthy How Do I Make My Hair Smooth And Sleek?

Breanna Rutter


Elaina is always struggling with frizzy hair no matter what she does and she wants to know how to keep it looking smooth and sleek.

My Step by Step Educational Hair Care Regimen + Trim DVD


Hair Care Tip #1 Processed Hair has a Higher Chance of Frizz

If your hair has been chemically treatment whether you have texturized hair/texlaxed hair, relaxed hair, color treated hair/highlighted hair/dyed hair as well as treated with heat such as hair with heat damage or heat trained hair, its highly possible that you will encounter frizzy hair frequently.


Hair Care Tip #2 Damaged Hair Will Be Frizzy

Frizzy hair, no matter your ethnicity, is often an indication that you are experiencing damaged hair in some way. An easy way to tell if your frizz is indicating hair damage is if your ends have a tendency to be frizzy. Closely examine the ends of your hair and you will most likely notice a lot of incomplete splits, single strand knots (fairy knots) or split ends. If no sign of damage is present but your ends are constantly frizzy, its a good idea to gradually cut off all of your frizzy hair to further prevent hair damage. Only use hair shears when cutting off damaged hair.

The Hair Shears I Use To Trim Cut My Hair


Hair Care Tip #3 Moisturized Hair will be Smooth and Sleek

Moisturized hair is how to beat frizzy hair. Frizzy hair in most cases is dry hair. The scales located on the outside of your hair shaft lie flat to conserve moisture and raise to release moisture or absorb moisture. When the scales are raised on the outside of your hair strands, this creates the frizz look and often times to touch, this will feel dry and rough.

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