Am I Still Natural If I Straighten My Hair Without Chemicals and My Curls Can Still Revert Back?

Breanna Rutter

Shelia asked this question because likes to straighten her natural hair often, her curls still revert back, but people tell her she is not a true natural so I hope this video helps you!


1st Reason: You still have natural hair!

The universal description for natural hair is hair that is not chemically relaxed.

Heat straightening and heat training your hair is a gray area in term of what natural hair means.


2nd Reason: Unreverted hair is either heat damaged hair or heat trained hair!

Heat damage and heat trained means the same thing on the surface but if you want permanently straightened hair, heat trained hair is what you have and if you did not want permanently straightened hair, heat damaged hair is what you have.

So the question is, does are “heat trainees” natural?


3rd Reason: Heat trained hair technically speaking is still natural hair because it has not been treated with a chemical relaxer.

Define what natural hair means to you because heat trained hair to one person is not natural hair and it is to another.


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