Why Does My Hair Tangle So Easily?

Breanna Rutter


Tenesha asked this question because she has such a difficult time detangling her hair because it is so thick and curly so I hope this video helps you!


1st Answer: Your hair has a tight curl or coil pattern. It is very easy for thick curly or coily hair to detangle, that is the nature of this hair.

Make sure to saturate your hair with a detangling conditioner or your favorite conditioner and then detangle your hair.The more “slip” the better!

Homemade Detangling Conditioner Recipes in My Book

“The Natural Hair Bible: 10 Commandments For Black Hair Care”


2nd Answer: Wash your hair in twist or braids to limit the tangles you will experience because of shrinkage.

My Detangling and Washing Regimen for My Hair is also in My Book.


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