How To Wash Hair In Braids: Cornrow Braids, Ghana Braids, Scalp Braids, French Braids ETC

Breanna Rutter


KaTisha often has product buildup and dandruff issues when wearing cornrow braids because she doesn’t know how to properly wash and condition this hairstyle.


Tip #1: If you have buildup just around your hairline, wipe with warm moist washcloth and then rub oiled fingers along your hairline to keep your hair moisturized.


Tip #2: Co wash and Shampoo your hair with diluted shampoo. Pat dry with a towel or an old shirt and when water is no longer running down your face and neck, seal with oil.


Tip #3: Place a spandex wig cap on head, blow dry with a bonnet dryer or hooded dryer until water stops dripping and then run oiled fingers over hair and parts.


Applicator Bottle for Diluted Shampoo/Conditioner

Refer to My Book for Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Product Hair Recipes

Spandex Cap

Blowdryer I use for My Hair

Bonnet Hair Dryer (used to evenly dry your hair)

Great Hair Oils for Black Hair

Almond Oil

Coconut Oil

Jojoba Oil

Olive Oil

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