How To Get Subscribers And Views If Your Are A New Channel On Youtube!

Breanna Rutter


Erica asked this question because she noticed that I had a lot of views and subscribers so she wanted me to share some of my secrets or success tips so I hope this helps!


1st Answer: Create consistent content so that people can count on you!

If love doing makeup, do every makeup look that you possibly can, do not do nails or hair unless it is requested and you are comfortable with doing it.

Video Equipment I Use 


2nd You need a good quality HD camera.

I use a T2i but I suggest using a T4i because it allows you to see what you are recording (swivel monitor) and it autofocuses for you so that you won’t have blurry shots.

Canon Rebel T2i (My Camera)

Canon Rebel T4i (great choice if you have to operate this alone)


3rd Answer: You need a good quality light source.

Use fluorescent set lights but if you can’t afford that yet, natural sunlight is best!

The lights in your home gives off an orange to yellow glow which is not good lighting for any skin tone.

Fluorescent Set Lights I Use


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