How Do You Seal The Ends Of Your Braids?

Breanna Rutter


Olivia asked this question because her braids won’t stop unraveling and she constantly has to re-braid the ends of her braids throughout the day so I hope this video helps you!


1st Answer: Dip the ends in hot water! You have to dip the ends alone in hot water or roll your ends in cold wave rod rollers and dip them in hot water.

Tutorial: How I Dip My Braids In Hot Water


2nd Answer: Use a braid sealer instead of a cigarette lighter.

Its a lot safer because you will NOT see flames, your will NOT burn yourself you you will BARELY see fumes.

The Braid Sealer That I Use

Braid Sealing Tutorial


3rd Answer: If you already have a pattern on the ends that you like because you use curly, wavy, or straight braiding hair, apply a couple of drops of nail glue near the ends of your braids.

Make sure to braid at least 2-3 inches past your hair before you apply 2-3 drops of nail glue onto your braid.

Nail Glue Used To Seal Braids


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