All 14 Physical Books (Bundle Deal)

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This Physical Book Bundle Deal is JAM PACKED with extensive knowledge on everything black hair care! This information we have compiled cannot be found anywhere else because no one has ever created a product like this! Everything that you've ever wanted to know in regards to black hair care is inside of this bundle deal! This deal will only last for so long so purchase it now before all of our products go back to full price!


Books Included

1. The Natural Hair Bible

2. The Relaxed Hair Bible

3. The Hair Care Regimen Manual 

4. The Transitioning Hair Care Manual

5. Dieting For Hair Growth Manual

6. The Hair Edges Manual

7. The Black Hair Manual 

8. The Virgin Hair Extensions Manual 

9. How To Reverse Traction Alopecia Manual

10. How To Fix Damaged Hair Manual 

11. Essential Oils For Hair Growth Manual

12. How To Fix Thinning Hair Manual

13. The Children’s Hair Care Manual 

14. The Locks Hair Care Manual 


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