Dieting For Hair Growth Manual (Paperback)

$ 9.99
Dieting For Hair Growth Manual (Paperback)



The Dieting For Hair Growth Manual is a pocket guide that will enhance the health of your hair through means of eating foods that specifically aids the growth of healthy beautiful hair! 

There are a variety of reasons why someone wants to grow longer hair whether they are recovering from hair loss, thinning hair or maybe even for just cosmetic appeal.

No matter the health condition or type of hair you have, the suggestions given in this manual will grow anyone’s hair to longer lengths because specific vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly aid the growth of hair!

This manual breaks down vitamins, nutrients, minerals and hair growth oils that are essential for contributing to the growth of your hair.

You will be supplied with simple easy to follow growth oil recipes, a hair care regimen, supplement suggestions and much more!


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