Essential Oils For Hair Growth Manual (Paperback)

$ 9.99
Essential Oils For Hair Growth Manual (Paperback)


The Essential Oils for Hair Growth Manual is a pocket guide that will provide hair care information and oil recipes that you can formulate in the comfort of your own home to recover from a variety of hair issues!

Some of the hair issues that will be discussed in his manual are ways to fix; Dandruff, Thin Hair, Lice, both forms of Alopecia and so much more!

Understanding how long it will take to see desirable results with your hair is dependent upon the natural growth cycle of hair and the severity of your issue as well.

This manual breaks down the hair growth cycle and how much this corresponds with your essential oil usage, how to use your recipes, tips on how to distinguish the varying oil qualities and much more as you learn along the way how to continue to grow your hair and keep it in its most healthy state!


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