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This Havana Twists DVD is JAM PACKED with detailed steps on everything you need to know to accomplish beautiful looking havana twists! The information we have compiled in this DVD cannot be found anywhere else because no one has ever created a high quality DVD product like this! The secrets to achieving your most flawless havana twists is inside of this Havana Twists DVD!


How To Do Havana Twists On Your Own Hair Step By Step DVD

(Step 1) Hair Supplies
(Step 2) Havana Twist Technique
(Step 3) Tips & Advice
(Step 4) Back Of Your Head
(Step 5) Curl & Seal Your Ends
(Step 6) Finished Results
(Step 7) 3 Havana Twist Hairstyles
(Step 8) The Take Down

1 Disc
58 Minutes
Producer Breanna Rutter

Director Jared Rutter


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