The Black Hair Manual (Paperback)

$ 9.99
The Black Hair Manual (Paperback)



The Black Hair Manual is a little pocket guide that will help you find your perfect hair products!

A trip to your local beauty supply store or even an experience at a seminar or beauty event may heighten the confusion of knowing if a product is truly best for keeping black hair healthy.

Working with black hair alone may be very easy or difficult, depending on your practices and knowledge, while also trying to understand what products are best for your hair can be pretty challenging.

There are wide selections of hair products to choose from varying in all shapes, sizes, and promises and because of this, it’s so easy to be tricked and fooled into constantly buying different hair products that do nothing for your hair.

In this manual, Breanna promises to help guide you to your best hair products by informing you on how to go about finding them according to their ingredients and by helping you to know how to use every product properly for your hair.


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