The Hair Care Regimen Manual (PDF Download)

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The Hair Care Regimen Manual (PDF Download)

If you are natural, pondering the thought of going natural, or have decided to go natural, this book will be your reference of hair care knowledge!

The Hair Care Regimen Manual is a pocket guide that will help you by providing hair care techniques, growth advice and hairstyles that will help you to care for your relaxed, transitioning or natural hair.

A quality hair care regimen is the key to flourishing healthy hair.

Only healthy hair can truly reach longer lengths especially if growing your hair is a major goal of yours, this manual will teach you how to grow your hair longer while at the same time, following techniques that reinforce the health of your hair.

This manual focuses on the hair care products that are needed to take care of your hair, step by step details on how to use each individual product and ultimately, a complete hair care regimen for each specific type of hair whether you are natural, transiting or relaxed!


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