The Hair Edges Manual (Paperback)

$ 9.99
The Hair Edges Manual (Paperback)


The Hair Edges Manual, you will learn how to successfully grow back the edges of your hair!

There are a variety of reasons that could have caused you to lose the edges of your hair such as; health issues, aggressive styling, or a natural progression of thinning.

Growing back the edges of your hair is a process that can include a wide array of solutions that range from topical edge treatments, a diet high in certain vitamins and nutrients, or the option to go the surgical route!

Understanding how to grow back the edges of your hair can be quite challenging especially when patience is required to wait a period of time in conjunction with the natural growth cycle of your hair.

This manual breaks down growing back the edges of your hair in simple easy steps involving growth treatments, hair care regimens and foods that lead to growth and much more!


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