The Transitioning Hair Care Manual (Paperback)

$ 9.99
The Transitioning Hair Care Manual (Paperback)



The Transitioning Hair Care Manual is the pocket guide that will help you to successfully transition from relaxed hair to natural hair!

Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair is a process that involves slowly trimming off your relaxed ends over a period of time until you have 100% natural hair.

This manual breaks down transitioning in easy simple steps with incredibly easy techniques you can implement requiring little to no hair skills.

Your transitioning hair care regimen will involve a combination of hair care practices from a natural hair regimen and a relaxed hair regimen since you will or already have both natural hair and relaxed hair!

Working with transitioning hair can be very daunting considering the fact that you have to manage two different textures of hair but as you learn their different needs, taking care of both textures of hair will become second nature, I promise!


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