(Wholesale 5 Copies) MICRO BRAIDS (DVD)

$ 65.00
(Wholesale 5 Copies) MICRO BRAIDS (DVD)

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The Steps to achieving the Zillion Micro Braids goes as follows;

Step 1: Hair Supplies
Step 2: Braiding Technique
Step 3: Tips & Advice
Step 4: Micro Braids In A Rush
Step 5: Curl & Seal Your Ends
Step 6: Finished Results
Step 7: 3 Micro Braid Hairstyles
Step 8: The Take Down

The Zillion Micro Braids Hairstyle is a great hairstyle to wear whether you have relaxed hair or natural hair. Hairstylist Breanna Rutter demonstrates how to do micor zillion braids on her own natural 4c hair. This style can be achieved with great results on any and all hair types.

This DVD will save you a lot of money because the money that you would spend to have your hair braided and installed at a salon, is money that you can save for other purchases and services!

Breanna continues to receive an overwhelming amount of fan mail because her DVD styles has helped so many people save money by doing their own hair.

Here are some of the testimonies sent by email to Breanna from purchasing customers!

Kelsey L: Hello Breanna, you have saved me so much money! This is the only style I like to wear and I was tired of paying a lot of money for my micro braids. I found your dvd and will not step foot in a salon AGAIN for these braids. Thank you so so much for this dvd (:

Tinika B: Your dvds are done very well Breanna and I’m glad you show more than $500 weaves, you are very versatile.

Crystal H: You are my favorite hair teacher and I want to thank you so much for showing me how to do micro braids. I no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars to have these braids installed or sit in the salon for them. I really appreciate this dvd and I am getting ready to purchase other dvds of yours!

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